Give Away Time!

We’re so thankful for our followers and to say Thank You we’re having a Give Away!

Are you a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or know someone with a baby or child?  If so you’ll want to enter to win!


Here’s the prize:


$30 Gift Certificate to Mommy’s Own  a fantastic shop for pregnancy, mommy, and baby items.


Here’s how you enter:



The winner will be drawn on Wednesday evening (5/26)!

We’ll use to chose the winner and post a screen print for all to see.


Check out Mommy’s Own website to see all their great items.






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27 responses to “Give Away Time!

  1. Meredith Atkins

    What a wonderful cause! I have a friend who’s granddaughter is fighting for her life in the NICU now as a micropremie.

  2. Ashley Bruns

    I’m a mom of a premie who had NICU care and was blessed that he wasn’t in there as long as many premies I know often do. Totally support this.

  3. stephanie

    What a great give a way! Thanks!

  4. Wendy

    I am a mommy to 2 preemies and this organization is wonderful for parents of preemies.Thank you for all the information and support you give to parents and family members of preemies

  5. Sarah

    Mommysown is a wonderful baby supply store with excellent customer service. Great offer….thanks!

  6. Sarah Geiger


  7. Katia

    God bless the babies!

  8. Ashley Fruichantie

    I’m pregnant right now and have registered with Adriane at Mommy’s Own. She’s got great products that I would love to have more of!!!

  9. TJ Fruichantie

    We’d love to win!

  10. Andi Roane-Wiley

    I am a mom to 27 week preemies who spent 61 and 65 days int he NICU. I have heard wonderful things about Mommy’s Own!

  11. Kasey Smith

    Im a fan of Mommy’s own and Molly’s Mission on facebook. Would LOVE to win! ^_^

    Ksgoodnough3808 at gmail dot com

  12. Michelle Monroe

    This is wonderful, a friend of ours has a little boy that was born at 27 weeks he is doing amazing and is now up to 5.3 pounds! What a great cause… I like Mommy’s own and Molly’s Mission on Facebook =).

  13. Michelle Monroe

    How great is this, I wasnt sure if my current post actually posted so I thought I would do another =) I like both Mommy’s Own and Molly’s Mission on Facebook!

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