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Extreme Makeover Home Edition

On Sunday, March 1st Extreme Makeover Home Edition will be rebuilding a home for the Augustin Family of Texas.  There story started in 2004 when Amber and Peter’s son was born 10 weeks premature.  After spending months in the NICU Amber knew what her calling was.  She created “Tiny Works of Heart”.  She photographs families with their tiny fragile babies while in the NICU.  In some cases, these photographs may be the only ones the families have to remember their sweet baby.  Amber did all of this free of charge from her garage.   The entire family are big supporters of the March of Dimes, hoping that one day all babies will be born healthy.

Peter’s spent his time as a Project Leader for Habitat for Humanity, winning an award for his role in the organization.  Peter even spent time building a house for someone else, while his own family had no home, and no one was the wiser. 

On Fathers Day 2007 the Augustin’s home was taken over by a flood.  They were told their home was unhabitable, and would need to be raised at least a foot in order to meet code.  Financially, this was impossible for the family, leaving Amber, Peter, and their 3 children without a home.  So guess who shows up to help?  Ty & the rest of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition crew!



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