What & Why?

What is Molly’s Mission?

Molly’s Mission is a charitable organization focused on helping Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) to have everything they need to give each baby everything they need for the best possible start in life.  Many of the items needed to care for these tiny patients are very expensive therefore making it impossible to have everything necessary.  Some things like clothing and such are not as expensive, but equally needed.  We strive to support NICU’s and their precious patients.

Molly’s Mission also hopes to raise prematurity awareness in every way we can.  We support the March of Dimes in their fight against prematurity.


Why Molly’s Mission?

Our second child was born 13 weeks premature.  It was the scariest and most difficult time in our lives.  We were very lucky to have our sweet Molly being cared for at a wonderful NICU.  We couldn’t have asked for better Doctors and Nurses.  During Molly’s two month stay at the NICU, we quickly learned everything that’s necessary to care for a premature or sick infant, as well as the cost.  We decided then it would be our Mission to help all NICU’s have what they need for every baby to get the best start in life.

In supporting the March of Dimes, and helping to raise prematurity awareness, we hope that one day all babies will be born healthy.

The inspiration behind Molly’s Mission – Molly Mae born 13 weeks premature at 2 lbs 9 oz & 13 in


The photo behind the logo:  Molly holding her big sister Emily’s finger at just 4 days old


The McFarland Family



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